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I am Sarah Lathrop, a home loan expert. With my talented TEAM at Elevation Mortgage, we’ve been able to assist Colorado residents in building home equity while enjoying the tax benefits that come from owning a home. We have assisted clients with purchasing their first homes and others looking to trade up. We’ve refinanced existing mortgages to better rates, lower payments, as well as, cash out home equity for money in clients’ pockets.

For most, a home is the largest purchase they have ever made. Buying or refinancing a home does not need to be stressful and overwhelming, not with a trained and experienced mortgage loan expert like me. I keep the process simple and keep communication open throughout the entire process. 

I take pride working at Elevation Mortgage. We canvas many lenders to find the best rate; we have privileged access to better lender offers. Everyone wins minus other lenders that only offer their single mortgage options. Let us guide you towards the goals you want to accomplish using homeownership.


Contact Sarah using the buttons below or by calling her at 719-453-1165